Saturday, November 27, 2010

The train and the mail

The Train
We went on the Christmas train today, which was absolutely lovely in the snow!  We got to chill a bit with S.Claus and had some delicioso hot cocoa.  Fun!  We felt very Hogwarts Express-ish, and made up a game:
"It's Christmas morning at Hogwarts, and I got ..." with answers following the alphabet.  Here's what we came up with:
A - Aragog
B - Boats
C - Crookshanks
D - Dementors
E - Elphias Doge
F - Firenze
G - George Weasley
H - Hufflepuffs
I - Invisibility cloak
J - Jelly slugs
K - Kwikspells
L - Lupin
M - Marauders Map
N - Norbert
O - Omnioculars
P - Padfoot
Q - Quibbler
R - Rememberall
S - Sirius
T - Timeturner
U - Umbridge
V - Voldemort
W - Whomping Willow
X - Xenophilius
Y - Yaxley
Z - Zonko's Joke Shop

The Mail
We've heard on Twitter that lots of people have gotten their Jingle Spells 4.  We're still waiting on our copies.  Ack!  The suspense!  What do you think of this year's selections?

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